Bible Audio Links


The World English Bible and King James Version in mp3 audio for free download
(download and streaming)

The Bible in Basic English
text with audio and downloads

Public Domain Audio Bibles
Audio Bibles for download and listening
online audio Bibles

Faith Comes by Hearing
Free Audio New Testaments

Other Languages

Talking Bibles International

Arabic - Real Audio Bible NT 

Arabic Gospels and Psalms in mp3 audio

Bulgarian audio New Testament

Cantonese NT in mp3 audio

Farsi  Gospel of John
streaming real audio

German Bible
mp3 and real audio

Hindi New Testament in mp3 audio

Hungarian New Testament in mp3

Italian Audio Bible

Jesus Film Project - Real Audio & Video
53 languages

Mandarin Bible in mp3 audio

Polish Bible
mp3 audio

Spanish New Testament in mp3 audio
Free download

Tamil Bible

Tagalog New Testament in mp3 audio

Urdu New Testament in mp3 audio


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Christian Audio Links 

Let My People Think
Download archive in mp3 and real audio for
the teaching ministry of  Dr. Ravi Zacharias.
Reaching the thinker and opinion makers 
with solid Christian apologetics.

Firefighters for Christ    
Messages online from some of the nations best preachers 

Radio School of the Bible  
Global University's Christian Life and Christian Service classes in English and Mandarin

Mini Bible College in mp3  
Downloadable Bible studies from International Cooperating Ministries featuring the teachings of Rev. Dick Woodward

Sermon Index
Free Classic Sermons from the past in mp3 audio format.
Featuring free downloads of  Dr. J. Vernon Magee's Thru the Bible series plus a KJV Bible in mp3.

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