The Book of Leviticus


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          Leviticus_06.mp3 815k 

          Leviticus_07.mp3 961k 

          Leviticus_08.mp3 901k 

          Leviticus_09.mp3 579k 

          Leviticus_10.mp3 632k 

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Leviticus Text

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     Leviticus_17.mp3 515k 

     Leviticus_18.mp3 682k 

     Leviticus_19.mp3 902k 

     Leviticus_20.mp3 822k 

     Leviticus_21.mp3 588k 

     Leviticus_22.mp3 873k 

     Leviticus_23.mp3 1.2M 

     Leviticus_24.mp3 523k 

     Leviticus_25.mp3 1.4M 

     Leviticus_26.mp3 1.2M 

     Leviticus_27.mp3 897k