The Book of Job in mp3 audio 

             Job_01.mp3  648k

             Job_02.mp3  390k

             Job_03.mp3  442k

             Job_04.mp3  357k

             Job_05.mp3  453k

             Job_06.mp3  514k

             Job_07.mp3  395k

             Job_08.mp3  349k

             Job_09.mp3  565k

             Job_10.mp3  406k

             Job_11.mp3  359k

             Job_12.mp3  421k

             Job_13.mp3  445k

             Job_14.mp3  403k

             Job_15.mp3  580k

             Job_16.mp3  400k

             Job_17.mp3  289k

             Job_18.mp3  348k

             Job_19.mp3  492k

             Job_20.mp3  524k

             Job_21.mp3  542k 


Job Text

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             Job_22.mp3  492k

             Job_23.mp3  293k

             Job_24.mp3  492k

             Job_25.mp3  95k 

             Job_26.mp3  233k

             Job_27.mp3 393k

             Job_28.mp3  474k

             Job_29.mp3  390k

             Job_30.mp3  536k

             Job_31.mp3  687k

             Job_32.mp3  408k

             Job_33.mp3  552k

             Job_34.mp3  630k

             Job_35.mp3  273k

             Job_36.mp3  544k

             Job_37.mp3  425k

             Job_38.mp3  645k

             Job_39.mp3  506k

             Job_40.mp3  369k

             Job_41.mp3  525k

             Job_42.mp3  460k