The Gospel of Luke


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        Luke3.mp3    891kb

        Luke4.mp3    933kb

        Luke5.mp3    847k

        Luke6.mp3    1.0mb

        Luke7.mp3    1.0mb

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        Luke9.mp3    1.3mb

        Luke10.mp3  918kb

        Luke11.mp3  1.2mb

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Luke Text

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     Luke13.mp3  762kb

     Luke14.mp3  703kb

     Luke15.mp3  629kb

     Luke16.mp3  723kb

     Luke17.mp3  690kb 

     Luke18.mp3  829kb

     Luke19.mp3  889kb

     Luke20.mp3  858kb

     Luke21.mp3  711kb

     Luke22.mp3  1.3mb

     Luke23.mp3  1.0mb

     Luke24.mp3   909kb